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Campus T-shirt

T-shirt Screen Printing Process

1. Choose your design.

Throughout the process of our ten year history of screen printing, the T-shirtprinting.com art department has created thousands of custom t-shirt designs. With minor modifications, you can use any one of our t-shirt designs or party themes to match your next event. Or, use your own artwork to create a truly custom design for your t-shirts.

2. Select your font and type arrangement.

T-shirtprinting.com has hundreds of fonts to choose from. From classic, elegant fonts to fun and crazy modern fonts—we've got it all. Once you've selected a font, the real fun begins. Choose from horizontal, vertical, arc, circular and many more type arrangements for your t-shirts.

3. Choose your garment or product.

Years ago, when someone mentioned screen printing, plain white t-shirts with a bright, simple design across the chest came to mind. That's all changed with today's screen printing process and technology. We can screen print your custom design on literally hundreds of different clothing and apparel items. T-shirts are just the beginnning. We've printed on sweatshirts, scrubs, shorts, hats, and tons of other apparel—as well as glassware, plastic cups, and hundreds of other party favors!

4. Select your design's placement.

Depending on the product you've chosen, you may have many options available to you regarding your design's placement. Looking for something different? Try screen printing your design on the small of the neck, on the shoulder, or down the sleeve of your shirts. Mix and match type arrangements and design placements for a unique look for your printed event t-shirts!

5. Approve your design.

Once you've placed your order, the T-shirtprinting.com art department will begin the process to create and screen print your customized design or theme. Upon completion, we'll email you a unique artwork code. At this point in the process enter this code in the Retrive Your Artwork section of the site. This will let you view your t-shirts design theme, request modifications if necessary and give your final artwork approval. Give the code to other members of your organization and everyone will be able to see your design before its printed on sweatshirts or t-shirts.

6. Enjoy your design!

All of our shirt orders are shipped via UPS, guaranteeing its safe arrival. Every shirt order also includes a complimentary copy of our latest t-shirt catalog featuring our full line of customized clothing aparel and gear.

During the process of your event, take lots of pictures! When you get home, send us your digital photos using the form on our Show Off! page. You could be featured in our next t-shirt catalog or on our website!